Available Office Space in Gothenburg

Technopolis Gårda provides an ideal location for your company in Gothenburg. Our offices are located near the city center, right next to Ullevi Stadium. We offer modern and flexible office space that can be modified to meet your company’s unique needs. Whether your company needs an office on a permanent basis or flexible use of spaces, we can find a right solution for you.

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A Workspace Is More than Squares

Be believe that an ideal work environment is a combination of space and services. Our holistic solution includes heaps of amenities, from space design to meeting and cleaning services. Getting everything under one roof will help save your company a lot of time.

Strategic Location Near the Center

Our offices have a very strategic location near the city center, only a 15-minute walk from the central railway station, right next to Ullevi Stadium, but also close to the big highways.

Office Space
~34,300 m²
Meeting Rooms
Distance to City Center
1.5 km
Distance to Train Station
1.5 km
Parking spaces

Why Technopolis?

Flexible Spaces

Get a work environment that meets your needs and adapts to your situation.

Save Time and Money

With us you’ll get all the services you need under the same roof with one contract.

On Pulse

We measure to improve and keep your employees happy and productive in our premises.

Easy Access

Our central location is easy to access by car or public transportation.

Effortless & Successful Meetings

Currently, we have four modern and bright meeting rooms in Gårda that can be rented flexibly. We help you with all your meeting arrangements and practicalities. We build the stage for your show!

Functional & Inspiring Work Environment

How many square meters does your company need? What is a good workplace like? Is an activity-based office better than an open-plan office? Do all your employees need their own workstation?

Our offices are bright and flexible and can be tailored for your preferences. We can help you build an inspiring and efficient workspace that supports your employees’ work and wellbeing.


Fujitsu’s Office Meets Their Emerging Needs

Great location, the high-level of service and proactive attitude, where the deciding factors when Fujitsu chose to move to Technopolis Gårda. Fujitsu’s office is a great example of a functional and well-designed activity-based office where the space is used efficiently.

Technopolis Extends Lease with Telia in Gothenburg

PRESS RELEASE. With the key agreement with Telia in place, Technopolis will start an extensive renovation of the property in Gothenburg. The buildings’ unique prerequisites will be utilized, and technology and volumes will be upgraded to meet the demands businesses have on modern, flexible and sustainable offices.