The Coworking Space Is an Extension of the Office – Efficiency and Well-being for Mobile Working

Physical encounters are important to seek out, especially if they do not happen naturally in the workplace coffee room, advises Key Account Manager Emmi Leppik. And she should know, as her mobile office could be located at the customer’s place, at Technopolis Ruoholahti, or at UMA Esplanadi’s coworking space, all within the same day.

Emmi Leppik works to improve companies’ work well-being. What makes the work unique is how Leppik helps customers.

“Through coffee”, Leppik chuckles, but she’s actually completely serious. As a Key Account Manager for Nespresso Business Solutions Finland, Leppik designs ‘Coffee Lounge’ workplace solutions. Encounters in café-style spaces not only foster feelings of community, but also provide opportunities for new network connections and fresh perspectives.

Nespresso’s own office spaces are well-located at Technopolis in Ruoholahti. In addition to her customer’s work well-being, Leppik also looks after her own and it is especially important to her that the framework for work is in order. In addition to comfortable facilities, Technopolis offers renters supplementary services as needed. “Your own work can be most effective when you can have the peace of mind that the services are taken care of,” Leppik says.

Leppik’s hectic days mean that she might not be certain of what the next hour will bring, and this means that getting the most out of UMA Esplanadi’s location and facilities is even more important. “Working in my own office is always nice, but flexible working opportunities immensely eases time management and saves valuable work time!”

Key Account Manager Emmi Leppik’s Tips for Work Efficiency

Invest in Encounters

In the era of remote working and cloud services, spontaneous encounters may not happen naturally in workplace coffee rooms, and for that reason, these should be deliberately organized, points out Leppik. “Independent learning and formal meetings might not be enough: encounters build a community feeling and also allow the sharing of valuable information and ideas that one may not otherwise hear.”

Get the Most out of Networking

In Technopolis’ workspaces and UMA’s coworking spaces, maintaining networks is easy thanks to the well-designed spaces, the central locations, and versatile services. “Because of the central locations, coming and going is easy even on short notice.” Leppik stresses the point: “Thanks to this, I personally have networked in ways that would not have been possible otherwise!”

Optimize Worktime Usage

Technopolis’ premises are ideal for flexible working, due to the centrality, but on the other hand, they also provide great services for secondary office locations. “It saves worktime when I can pop in to UMA in between meetings and take care of paperwork or printing, and if needed, I can also grab lunch at the same time,” Leppik explains happily.

Choose a Suitable Environment

Work well-being is improved by the ability to be able to choose, according to your own needs, the best suitable ways of working and space. When Leppik does not work at the Ruoholahti office or at the customer’s, she can often be found at UMA Esplanadi’s coffee lounge. “I really enjoy the relaxed café atmosphere and meeting people comes with the territory!”