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Hundreds of different kinds of premises in twelve localities for successful conferences, seminars and all kinds of events and parties. It’s easy to order the desired catering services and other required supplementary services for the well-equipped conference and representational premises.

Conferences and Parties in the Stylish Premises of Technopolis

Technopolis offers stylish premises and services for different kinds of events in many localities in Finland and abroad. Successful conferences, video conferences, seminars and unforgettable parties are held every day in the conference premises of Technopolis. The conference premises are well-equipped and the range of spaces on offer is wide, from meeting rooms for a few people to hundred-seater auditoria. The conference services are tailored to the customer’s needs and the skilled personnel ensure that events go smoothly.

Ask for further information about our conference services from or +358 40 450 4008.

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Sufficient Parking Space, Even for Large Events

The stylish auditoria and lobby areas of the campuses of Technopolis make even large seminars, customer functions, film evenings or exhibitions possible. Restaurant services can be appended to all events as desired. The conference premises of Technopolis always have good transport connections and there is plenty of parking space for visitors.

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