Wellness Services

Wellness services supports your overall health and wellbeing. Whether you are looking for a fitness center, healthcare or hairdresser, our campuses offer services only a couple-minutes walk from your workstation.

Gym and Fitness Center

Taking care of your physical condition has never been this easy. Technopolis offers modern and well-equipped gyms and fitness centers at several business parks around Finland. The gym and fitness spaces offer fresh and elegant dress and shower rooms with modern saunas. Employees can easily drop in at the gym or a fitness class straight after work or even during their lunch break. There are no excuses for skipping the exercise with a gym only a couple minute walk away from your workstation. Try out a new fitness class and challenge your colleagues to join!

Cosmetology and Massage Services

For Technopolis the well-being of employees is a matter of honour. In addition to the fitness services we offer high-quality cosmetology and massage services at many business parks around Finland. A regular visit to a cosmetologist and masseur is a worthwhile investment in your well-being. You can easily drop in straight after your workday, without even having to step outside.

Hairdresser Services

Many business parks have their own hair salon where employees can easily stop by during or after their workday. The hairdresser services have become extremely popular at our business parks around Finland thanks to their easy access and professional staff. Many active users also take advantage of the high-quality cosmetology and massage services that are available under the same roof. In addition to these, the well-being services include modern gyms and fitness centers at Technopolis business parks with fresh shower rooms and saunas.